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Thistle Knot Wedding Bands

deSignet International

8kt yellow Celtic Thistle Block Band 14Kt yellow Thistle Block Band with Triangle 14kt yellow Triangle & Thistle Wedding Rings
18kt yellow Triangle & Thistle Knot Wedding Band with NO RAILS 14kt yellow Sculpted Triangle & Thistle band 14kt white Reverse Etch Triangle & Thistle Wedding Rings
14kt Green Gold Center Triangle Knot with  Thistle Band with 14kt Rose Gold Rails Triangle and Thistle band - NO RAILS - sterling silver Triangle and Thistle band - NO RAILS - sterling silver   14kt Two Tone Gold Celtic Triangle Knot with Thistle Band
Thistle Block Wedding Band with Triangle 14kt White Gold Celtic Thistle and Triangle Knot Wedding Band with 18kt Electroplating in recessed areas  14kt White Gold Sculpted Triangle and Thistle Knot Wedding Band -8mm width 14kt Yellow Gold Celitc Thistle Knot wedding band - no rails (straight edges) 14kt White Gold Celtic Reverse Etch Triangle Knot Band with Thistles- 3.5 mm width (narrow) 18kt Yellow Gold Triangle & Thistle Knot Wedding Band with diamonds 14kt White Gold Celtic Triangle Knot -Straight Edges Sterling Silver Custom Claire's Thistle Wedding Band -10 mm width 14kt Green Gold Triangle and Thistle Band with Diamonds 18kt Yellow Gold Celtic Thistle Wedding Band Set 14kt Rose and White Gold Celtic Thistle Knot Wedding Band Set 14kt Yellow Gold Celtic Thistle Reverse Etch Wedding Band Set 14kt Rose Gold Celtic Triangle & Thistle Wedding Band - straight edges Platinum Celtic Thistle Block Band with Triangles -8.5 mm width
14Kt white gold 'Vanessa' Engagement Ring set with a pear shaped green sapphire

| 14kt white Gold | 14kt yellow Gold | 14kt white, No Rails
Matching: Thistle Knot Pendant, Thistle Knot Earrings and Lion & Thistle Cuff Links

More Triangle Knot Bands

Bands are available in 14kt Yellow, White, Green & Rose, 18kt Yellow, Palladium, Platinum & Sterling Silver.
All Widths and Sizes Available. Any Combination of metals is Available.

Band Pricing
All bands are also available in sterling silver- up to size 9.75 are $135.00 - Size 10.0 and larger are $150.00

Feel Free to Email With Ideas & Estimates

We will gladly sketch your ideas for a Custom Band.
($100 - $200 Setup applies to Custom orders)