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Celtic Engagement Rings: 'Pierced Dara'

14kt white gold Pierced Dara engagement ring set with an oval green sapphire. Sapphire is set in a yellow gold head
        Description: The 'Pierced Dara' is a Narrow Bridged Mounting. It measures 5mm at its widest point and tapers to 2.5mm. Available in 14kt, 18kt yellow and platinum ( pricing ). Optional finishes for 14kt and 18kt include 18kt yellow gold electroplate and white rhodium are at an additional fee.

Recommended center stone sizes run from .50ct to 1.0ct.
Recommended stones include diamond, ruby and sapphire as these are the most durable.
Bezel setting ONLY available with ROUND stones.
The appearance of your ring may be slightly different depending on finger size and choice of center stone.
(Note how some rings have more vertical sides and others have the sides curved in toward the stones.)

Call 1-888-727-8266 or Email Us for Pricing, Available Stones or to Place an ORDER.
Custom items are non-returnable. Prices subject to change without notice.

14kt Yellow Pierced Dara Knot Engagement Ring Set with a Round Diamond 14kt Yellow, non-bridged, Pierced Dara Knot with bezel set Round Ruby 14kt Yellow Dara Knot Tri Diamond Ring