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Celtic Hillsborough Knot Bands

deSignet International

Celtic Hillsborough Knot Wedding Band - 14kt yellow center/white rails 14kt Yellow Gold Celtic Hillsborough Wedding Band Set 14KW Narrow Hillsborough Knot Wedding Ring
Platinum Pierced & Sculpted Celtic Hillsborough Knot Wedding Band Set 14KY Pierced & Sculpted Hillsborough Knot Bands 14kt Yellow Gold Celtic Hillsborough Knot Band - pierced & sculpted

Bands are available in 14kt Yellow, White, Green & Rose, 18kt Yellow, Platinum & Sterling Silver.
Most Widths and Sizes Available. Most Any Combination of metals is Possible.

Stones may be added to customize your band.
Note: only round stones may be bezel set - all other stones will be prong set

We will gladly sketch your ideas for a Custom Band.
($100 - $200 Setup/Custom Graphic Fee applies to Custom orders).

Call 1-888-727-8266 OR Text 716-773-1019 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and Sat 9am-2pm East Coast Time
You may also Email Us anytime for Pricing, Available Stones or to Place an ORDER.

Custom items are non-returnable. Prices subject to change without notice.