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Celtic Ennis Knot Bands - 3 Styles

deSignet International

14KY Celtic Ennis Knot wedding ring
Regular Ennis Knot
14KY Ennis Block Wedding rings
Ennis Block Knot
14KW Stretched Ennis Knot Band
Stretched Ennis Knot
Customized 14kt Two Tone Ennis Block Wedding Band
Customized 2 tone Ennis Block Knot
18kt Yellow Celtic Ennis Block Wedding Band Set
14KY Ennis Block Knot

Bands are available in 14kt Yellow, White, Green & Rose, 18kt Yellow, Platinum & Sterling Silver.
Most Widths and Sizes Available. Most Any Combination of metals is Possible.

Stones may be added to customize your band.
Note: only round stones may be bezel set - all other stones will be prong set

We will gladly sketch your ideas for a Custom Band.
($100 - $200 Setup/Custom Graphic Fee applies to Custom orders).

Call 1-888-727-8266 OR Text 716-773-1019 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and Sat 9am-2pm East Coast Time
You may also Email Us anytime for Pricing, Available Stones or to Place an ORDER.

Custom items are non-returnable. Prices subject to change without notice.