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Celtic Animal Knot Wedding Bands

deSignet International

Celtic Butterfly
14kt white gold Sculpted Celtic Butterfly Knot Wedding Bands 14kt Rose Gold Celtic Dragon and Butterfly Wedding Band 14kt White Gold Celtic Dragon and Butterfly Wedding Band
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Celtic Cat and Dragon Knot
18KY Dragon & Celtic Cat Wedding Ring
Celtic Cat & Triangle Knot
Celtic Cat & Triangle Knot Wedding Band

Dragon Knot Bands
14KW Celtic Dragon Knot Wedding Rings Two tone gold Triangle Knot Wedding Bands with Two Dragons
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Money Clips and Cuff Bracelets

Winged Dragon Knot Bands
Winged Dragon & Cross Band - 14kt yellow center, white rails 14KW Winged Dragon Wedding Ring 14Kt Rose Winged Dragon and Hound Wedding Ring
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Celtic Hound and Dragon Knot
Celtic Dragon & Hound Wedding Band. Yellow center, white rails & black antiquing 14Kt Rose Winged Dragon and Hound Wedding Ring
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Celtic Hummingbirds
Custom 14kt yellow gold Lindesfarne Knot Band with Hummingbirds

Celtic Lion
14kt white Custom Lion's Head & Glasgow knot band Triangle Knot Wedding Band with two Lions. 14kt white center/yellow rails 14kt White Gold Custom Band Alternating Monogram & Rampant Lions 14kt Yellow and White Gold Rampant Lion Wedding Bands with Bezel Set Blue Sapphires
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Celtic Ravens
Celtic Triangle Knot Wedding Band with 2 Ravens. 14kt rose center/white rails

Celtic Serpents
Celtic Triangle Knot Wedding Rings with 2 Serpents. 14kt yellow center/white rails 14kt Two Tone Gold Celtic Triangle & Serpent Wedding Band

Celtic Wolf
14kt yellow Celtic Wolf & Desboro knot band 14kt Yellow Gold Custom Celtic Wolf Wedding Band

Tapered Celtic Animal Bands
Antiqued Sterling Silver Celtic Triangle Knot with Dragon Style 2 Antiqued Sterling Silver Celtic Hounds and Vines with Triangle Knot Shield 2 Antiqued Sterling Silver Celtic Triangle Knot with Ramped Lion Claddagh
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Other Celtic Animal Motifs
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We will gladly create a custom Celtic Animal band, pendant, cuff links or other jewelry item
just for you - custom graphic fee applies.

Bands are available in 14kt Yellow, White, Green & Rose, 18kt Yellow, Palladium, Platinum & Sterling Silver.
All Widths and Sizes Available. Any Combination of metals is Available.

Band Pricing

Feel Free to Email With Ideas & Estimates

We will gladly sketch your ideas for a Custom Band.
($100 - $200 Setup applies to Custom orders)